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Basically, we strive to cover all disciplines taught at the universities. In most cases, this is possible with our author base of many hundreds of academic ghostwriters, some of whom also have several degrees. Their range of topics extends far beyond the particularly sought-after areas of expertise that we have presented to you individually. In addition, due to our numerous contacts, we are usually successful in attracting project-related, competent authors, even for very unusual specialist areas. However, our high quality standards can set limits in individual cases. Even for very unusual topics, our principle is that ghostwriters have to have a degree in their subject area in order to work for them. Deviating from this may be possible in individual cases if you require only occasional support, but in any case requires your explicit consent.

Ghostwriting from A as English to Z as civil law

In the vast majority of cases, however, we can help you quickly, reliably and of course at the highest level. Whether English, Ethnology, Islamic Studies or Virology – all important scientific disciplines are competently covered by our ghostwriters. A list of subjects can be found at the end of the text. We also respond promptly to changes in the fan canon and complement our team with graduates of new courses as soon as the first few years leave the universities. This will allow us to expand our offer to include new courses of study dealing with Internet law or regenerative energies, for example.

Other subjects, other customs

As a customer, you are fundamentally free to make content-related specifications to the extent that you deem necessary. This can range from very detailed specifications to the mere naming of the topic. In the latter case, our ghostwriters avoid taking on exotic minority positions and are largely guided by the mainstream academic theories – so you as a customer are on the safe side. In some scientific fringes, a widely accepted doctrine has not developed, sometimes due to the low number of active scientists in these fields. Often, the situation is such that only a handful of scientific sources exist and opposing opinions are fought for true religious wars. Here references to the literature recommended by your institute are certainly helpful, so that you do not just represent in your work the theses of your professor’s favorite enemy.

Specialist areas of our ghostwriters


  • Old cultures
  • English language and literature
  • Employment Law
  • drug development
  • drug safety
  • Foreign policy

B / D

  • librarianship
  • biochemistry
  • performing Arts
  • German literature


  • Empir. Social and market research
  • English Linguistics
  • English and america. literature
  • nutritional sciences
  • ethnology
  • F / G
  • financial sciences
  • German studies
  • historical sciences
  • Health economics
  • health service
  • gynecology


  • immunology
  • bankruptcy law
  • integration research
  • International politics
  • Internet law
  • Islamic Studies
  • IT law
  • J / K
  • journalism
  • journalism
  • Clinical studies
  • Municipal fiscal policy
  • communications
  • cultural Studies
  • Art Studies


  • market research
  • mediation
  • history of medicine
  • Medical education
  • migration research
  • microbiology
  • morphology
  • multimedia
  • music
  • musicology
  • N / O
  • Neuroscience
  • Public law
  • ecology


  • phenomenology
  • pharmacokinetics
  • pharmacology
  • pharmacy
  • philology
  • Litigation
  • journalism
  • Q / R
  • quality management
  • legal history
  • legal philosophy
  • legal theory
  • Religious education
  • Romance languages ​​and literature


  • drama
  • veterinary medicine
  • environmental Protection
  • virology
  • competition law
  • economic history
  • industrial engineering
  • Science journalism


  • dentistry
  • Cell biology
  • civil right
  • zoology

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