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As an independent science discipline of business administration, business informatics deals with the production factor of information and the associated systems in business and administration. To investigate the effects of such socio-technical systems – consisting of ‘man and machine’ – is part of BISE as a behavioristic discipline. In international usage, the program is referred to as “information management”. At the same time, business informatics is also an engineering science. Pure computer science can be considered as a kind of mother discipline of business informatics. The Computer Science program teaches the application of formal procedures and theories best mastered by our computer science ghostwriters. Internationally, computer science studies are also referred to as “computer science”. Exciting, because “in computer science it is just as little about computers as it is about telescopes in astronomy” (E. W. Dijkstra, Dutch computer scientist).

In addition to the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs of the two disciplines, numerous related degree programs such as e-commerce or game design have developed today – specializations often involving a previous training occupation such as e-commerce or game design. B. Media design is helpful. Our academic ghostwriters for Business Informatics are familiar with all methods of these disciplines and are happy to assist you in your seminar papers, bachelor theses and master theses.

“I think there is a market worldwide for perhaps five computers.”

Thomas Watson, IBM Chairman, 1943

Business Informatics as a specialist field for agile managers

How much the world has changed since the 1940s is no secret. After studying Business Informatics, trained business IT specialists are no longer just optimisers of business processes, but specialists for agile management, business intelligence, predictive analytics, CRM, ERP and the management of Value Constellations in a state-of-the-art supply chain management. High-performance computing and technologies such as in-memory databases and techniques such as online analytical processing (OLAP) make it possible today to run data warehouse applications in real time. Agile development methods such as SCRUM have found their way into the management floor, changing the way leadership is thought and creativity is lived today. But until then it is still a long way for students of economics, which is lined with many exams and papers. As a ghostwriting agency, our website supports you on this journey, especially if you need help writing the bachelor thesis in Business Information Systems. In advanced studies, we also support you in creating the master’s thesis in Business Information Systems.

Academic ghostwriters assist in computer science

Computer science, itself originating from mathematics as a formal science, deals with the systematic processing and transmission of information. What at first sounds rather simple, gains a certain dynamic through disruptive changes such as digitization: Methods and working methods of computer science permeate all areas of the economy and society. Topics such as information management, communication systems, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), cloud computing, 3-D printing, rapid prototyping or big data make the graduate a sought-after specialist right after studying computer science , Numerous interdisciplinary areas of applied computer science are already firmly established, such as medical informatics, media computer science, bioinformatics or environmental computer science. For example, aspiring medical computer scientists are already implementing interfaces to biometric applications, and geoinformatics scientists are using GPS-spiked geo-information systems (GIS) to predict natural disasters. For all departments we have the right scientific author, who will be happy to assist you in writing the Bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis.

Academic ghostwriter for business informatics and computer science

Students have to master complex and numerous tasks in very different areas. Therefore, the maximum of requirements can be reached quickly if you z. B. are required to handle in addition to theoretical tasks and practical programming work. At the same time, there are often challenging courses to attend or you have to prepare for exams. These ghostwriters of computer science know these challenges best from their own studies and look after you competently in all breadth and depth of the topic – not only by words, but also by deeds.

Our technical writers know that such an engineering degree can not be handled by theory alone. Therefore, our company provides you with holistic support for your projects through academic ghostwriting Рfrom literature research, to the writing of expos̩s and theses to the documented programming of applications and the development of models or digital prototypes. Every piece of work and every final thesis of Business Informatics and Computer Science is subjected to proofreading prior to delivery, so that you receive a flawless project, because quality management is very important to us. We also carry out a plagiarism check with the renowned tool PlagScan.

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